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Build a Career Around Horses, Join Our Team Today!

Become an instructor with Equi-First Aid USA and make a difference in the lives of horses, the knowledge and confidence of horse owners, and your own life. You’ll enjoy financial and spiritual rewards, not to mention having more time to spend with your family.


If accepted into the program, instructor candidates are provided with:

  • A Comprehensive Welcome eBooklet

  • Pre-Course First Aid Study Manuals

  • Three Fun but Intensive Days of Hands-On Training 

  • Marketing and Business Development Manual

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Access to a Closed Facebook Workplace Group

  • Access to Closed Instructors-Only Area of the Website

  • Follow-Up Support From Senior Instructors

  • Ongoing Support and Referrals From Head Office

  • Company Vest and Certificate of Achievement

Tuition is only $2,999 and usually tax-deductible as a business expense (check with your accountant for tax information for your area). Our instructors enjoy an excellent profit teaching equine health and emergency first aid, advanced first aid, and other continuing education courses they opt to take.

Fun fact - you can earn back your investment in just one weekend of teaching Basic and Advanced First Aid to 10 students AND we will help you get it done!


Apply today or contact us to learn more! Want to chat with some existing instructors? We can put you in touch!


*Please note that refunds will not be issued to failed or withdrawn students. The tuition is also non-transferable



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